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Sunday 9.00 am (with children's liturgy and music group) Sunday 11.00 am (with choir and children's liturgy)
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Work in Progress

Console wiring complete

Organs at St Gregory’s

On Thursday 30th April the new woodwork in the console and the original Gern plate went off the Mr Hugh Brock for restoration of the plate and polishing of the new wood.

Also the wiring of the console was completed. The detail of the wiring is staggering. The metal tubes each side of the manuals are the stop switches. Each one has three separate sets of connections, one which is the output indicating whether the stop is drawn or not. The other two are inputs, one to pull the stop out, one to push it in. These are controlled by the combination pedals. This allows the organist to change the stops drawn (and therefore the sound) by means of pre-programmed pedals. These pedals are mounted on the board which is leaning up at the top of the picture.

Behind the keyboards in the centre of the console can be seen the computer control which translates every action of the organist and encodes it so that it can be communicated to the organ chamber down one "cat 5" wire (the sort that carries computer network information).

Pipes or Chips
The replacement
The Cost
The organ at Grazeley
Work in Progress
Penitential Soundboards
The bellows in bits
Pneumatic motors
Stripping the soundboards
Casework at St Gregory's
Richard in his workshop
Pouring glue
Great soundboard
Swell soundboard
Case re-polished
Swell box in workshop
Building frame in workshop
Clamp for Trompette
Preparing Clamp
Lifting up to gallery
Soundboards up in the air
Bourdon soundboard
Making platform
1st pipe in chamber
Organ bits in Church
Bob the Blower
Great soundboard in the air
Soundboards in place
Swell box being installed
Trompette Pipe
Fitting the console
Jamb - no Jerusalem
Getting the wind up
Neat wiring
Rack of Trompette
The pipes arrive
Console wired
The Wind in the Bellows
The first working rank
Swell box complete
Pipes in the Great Soundboard
Restoration of the Console
Two milestones
The Blessing
The Opening Recital
Neil Wright
Forthcoming recitals

The restoration story will continue - this is up to date at 1st May 2009



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