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Work in Progress

Rack of Trompette

Organs at St Gregory’s

Over Holy Week and Easter work has returned to the workshop where the new Trompette pipes are racked in. The new soundboard extention is in place, but a rack had to be made to hold the pipes vertical on the soundboard.

The next workshop task is the repair and cleaning of any damaged pipes in preparation for bringing them over the St Gregory's and installing them in place. Pipe metal is quite soft, and is easily dented, so many of them need a little TLC, and a few of them more serious repair.

However, part of the charm and significance of the instrument lies in the fact that the pipes have never been re-voiced since their making in 1881. During the 20th century the fashions in organ building changed many times. In the early part of the century a rather grand, stately "British Empire" style was popular. In the latter part of the century, there was a trend towards the Baroque style. As well as changes in fashion affecting new instruments, it also had an impact on older instruments needing renovation, or, in the richer places, even if there was no actual need for work to be done, so that their organ was in keeping with current prejudices.

Pipes are revoiced by changes being made in the shape of the mouth; but metal or wood which is removed cannot easily be replaced.

This means that organs which retain their original voicing are sadly rare. Any repairs to pipes is being done in such a way as to retain their original sound.

Pipes or Chips
The replacement
The Cost
The organ at Grazeley
Work in Progress
Penitential Soundboards
The bellows in bits
Pneumatic motors
Stripping the soundboards
Casework at St Gregory's
Richard in his workshop
Pouring glue
Great soundboard
Swell soundboard
Case re-polished
Swell box in workshop
Building frame in workshop
Clamp for Trompette
Preparing Clamp
Lifting up to gallery
Soundboards up in the air
Bourdon soundboard
Making platform
1st pipe in chamber
Organ bits in Church
Bob the Blower
Great soundboard in the air
Soundboards in place
Swell box being installed
Trompette Pipe
Fitting the console
Jamb - no Jerusalem
Getting the wind up
Neat wiring
Rack of Trompette
The pipes arrive
Console wired
The Wind in the Bellows
The first working rank
Swell box complete
Pipes in the Great Soundboard
Restoration of the Console
Two milestones
The Blessing
The Opening Recital
Neil Wright
Forthcoming recitals

The restoration story will continue - this is up to date at 17th March 2009



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